The power of CCPYDC comes from its members. More than 150 caring citizens representing 75 organizations join hands to discuss and take action to help local youth succeed. Members join one of four working groups, currently assembled as County, Bridgeton, Millville, and Vineland.

During our meetings, members discuss current data on delinquency and crime, as well as other key indicators that can lead to juvenile justice issues. As a result, the coalition identifies community needs and works together to strategize and implement initiatives to address systematic necessities. The Groups also assess strengths and weaknesses in each municipality, and share information and best practices that prevent youth from getting involved with the juvenile justice system.

Working as the technical partner and facilitator, the Walter Rand Institute (WRI) collects, analyzes, maps and presents census, education, child welfare, and crime data, as well as researches and presents evidence-based and promising practices from across the country. WRI has been instrumental in helping CCPYDC by implementing solutions, tracking programmatic results, and evaluating program outcomes.

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