Youth Job Readiness: Preparing youth in Cumberland County for Employment

The Millville Senior High School Job Readiness Program was run by Mr. Thomas Wickward, ACI Teacher, and Mr. Steve Matusz, Vice Principal.  The program took place on a weekly basis, meeting every Tuesday after school for an 8-week period. This program incorporated pieces of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s Learn.Do.Earn program.

Students in grades 10 through 12 that could use extra help finding employment were referred to the program by school staff. These students filled out an online application to ensure they were going to utilize the program and were serious about attending. This pilot program was capped at 25 youth, and the final program included roughly 20 youth. The program assisted students in creating resumes and learning basic skills helpful in obtaining employment. Additionally, students were transported to Union Lake Crossing Shopping Center to complete applications for employment. The bus to transport the youth was funded by the Millville Community Center.

Every student that participated in the program now has a working resume and have gained the skills and knowledge related to seeking, interviewing and sustaining employment. The program will be offered again in October and November of 2016 to students in Millville Senior High School and Memorial High School. Many students are already showing interest in participating in the next session of the Job Readiness Program.